TTi Torque Wrenches

In engineering the TT range of tools, Norbar has paid close attention to accuracy (+/-3%), ease of setting and comfort in use. Quick and light adjustment over the entire scale and an adjustment lock allows the user to easily set the wrench and prevent accidental adjustment. TT models are available with ratchets, fixed heads or female torque handles.

TTi Adjustable Ratchet

TTi 20 and 50 models are supplied with a reversible ratchet whereas the 60 - 300 models are supplied with an ultra robust push through ratchet (non reversible).

All models are finished in an attractive durable satin chrome.

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TTf Fixed Head Torque Wrenches

The TT Fixed Head models differ from the TTi Wrenches in having a robust, non-ratcheting fixed head.

All other features remain the same.

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TTfth Female Torque Handles

The Norbar TT Female Torque Handles have the same features as the popular TTi models but are supplied with a 9 x 12 mm or 14 x 18 mm Female end.

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