The Peel CO2 Detector Model No. CP-CPO2

1 and 2 Sensor Units and other variations are also available. Contact for further information.
This system has been designed for Cellar CO2 Monitoring and regulation, however can be used for many different industries such as Cold Storage and Marine Vessels. The unit detects a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) leak and alarms visually and audibly. Also, if Nitrogen is stored, and leaks, this can ‘purge’ Oxygen from the room creating a Deficiency, we can also detect Oxygen ‘Safe’ levels (option). The unit detects and alarms at 1.5% - Low and 3.0% - High of CO2. Oxygen – 19.5% -Low and 22.5% - High. The unit can be optioned with 2 x CO2 sensors and 2 x O2 sensors for multiple rooms or multiple repeaters. Also, the unit has the provision to activate external alarms, strobe lights and blowers. NO Calibration required…..lower costs….. The Peel Gas Detectors are designed, engineered and manufactured here locally in Australia… Australian industry and jobs…..