Testo Saveris 2 - H1 Logger with integrated temp. & humidity probe

Monitor with wireless data loggers testo Saveris 2-H1 temperatures and humidity in storage, fridge and work space. Integrated sensor temperature and humidity measurements are recorded reliably over long periods of time and sent directly via your Wi-Fi at the Testo cloud (online data storage). With your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC you can retrieve values ​​anytime, anywhere.


  • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring with integrated probe
  • Wireless data logger system with easy installation and operation
  • Measurement data at any time retrieve and evaluate on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Alarm when limit is exceeded by e-mail or (optional) SMS
More Information
Warranty2 Years

Access your data from
anywhere in the world 

SMS & Email alarm notification

Works on any WIFI net work

Automated temp & humidity monitoring with integrated probe