testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector

The Testo 316-3 is our best refrigerant leak detector yet, that delivers dependable, rugged performance at a great value. The proven heated diode sensor provides great sensitivity down to 0.15 ounces/year including the new refrigerant blends like R-410A, R-407C, and R134-a, allowing you to find the most refrigerant leaks.

Just turn it on and start getting readings immediately to find the most refrigerant leaks. Thanks to the automatic zeroing, the Testo 316-3 is extremely fast and can be used even in previously contaminated areas, making it our best refrigerant leak detector yet. The 316-3 has an LED indicator, automatic zeroing, and audible alarm, all in a rugged housing.

testo 316-3 leak detector – benefits at a glance

Can detect all common refrigerants: CFCs, HFCs, FCs

Highly sensitive sensor ( < 4 g/a - 1g/a according to DIN EN14624:2012 standard) - can
detect even the smallest leaks

Ready for use – there’s no need to select cooling agent characteristics first

Automatic zero setting – can detect leaks in rooms that are already contaminated

Visual and audible alarm which are activated when a leak is detected

Quick and easy sensor change

More Information
Warranty2 Years
Technical Data

Storage Temperature 0 to +50 °C

Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C

Battery life 16 hours continuous

Patented heated diode sensor provides
excellent sensitivity

High/low sensitivity adjustment
and automatic zeroing

Our best refrigerant leak detector 
yet to find the most refrigerant leaks

Easy one button operation