testo 206 pH2 - pH meter for semi solids

The Testo 206-pH2 pH meter allows you to measure the pH value and temperature of semi-solid media safely and reliably. Ideal for laboratories, and in the food industry.

Clever measurement technology paired with intelligent features: the Testo 206-pH2 pH meter

The Testo 206-pH2 pH meter is equipped with a pH immersion tip and an integrated temperature sensor which allow you to carry out quick and reliable pH measurements and accurate core temperature measurements simultaneously.

Thanks to the full-size gel electrolyte, the pH sensor is not only leak proof and maintenance-free, but also extremely durable and insensitive to dirt.  

The Testo 206-pH2 allows you to perform 1, 2 or 3-point calibrations. The automatic final value recognition function supports you throughout your measurements.


Hygienic and rugged

The Testo 206-pH2 pH meter comes with a TopSafe protective case which gives it its IP68 rating: the hygienic, dishwasher safe case protects the meter against dirt, water and impact.

More Information
Warranty2 Years
Technical Data
Storage Temperature-20 to +70 °C 
Operating temperature -10 to +50 °C 
Battery life80 h (Auto Off 10 min) 
Dimensions 197 x 33 x 20 mm
Instrument Sensor
Measuring range  Temperature  -10 to +50 °C 
pH0 to 14 pH 
Accuracy Temperature ±0.4 °C
pH±0.02 pH
Resolution  Temperature 

0.1 °C | 0.01 pH 

What's Included

Testo 206-pH2 pH meter for viscous media, gel storage cap, TopSafe protective case, belt buckle, wall bracket.

2 in 1 Temperature & pH Measurements

Automatic full scale value

Replaceable measurement Probe

Comes with storage cap top safe protective cover and belt/wall holder