Series RSF Rotatable Scale Flowmeters

Rotatable Scale Flowmeters
Dual, Rotatable Direct Reading Scales for Air and Water

Dual, Rotatable Direct Reading Scales for Air and Water


SERIES RSF Flowmeters are designed with unique rotatable scales of dual, air-water direct reading graduations. Flow rate is indicated in SCFM and SLPM for air and GPM and LPM for water. Graduations are marked on a rotating, polycarbonate tubeshield which also serves to protect the borosilicate glass flowtube. Flowmeters include a reflective plastic background and 1.5 X magnification lens to reduce eye fatigue and allow for more accurate readings. A blow-out back panel provides additional protection in the event of breakage. Series RSF Flowmeters are available in vertical in-line mounting or panel mounting. Units are shipped completely assembled and include standard mounting hardware for quick installation. 

Note: For PTFE Models contact the factory.

Product Applications

  • Film processing
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Water and air pollution analysis equipment
  • Metals processing
  • Industrial fuel and energy conservation
  • Air metering
  • General laboratory and industrial applications
Service:Compatible gases or liquids.
Wetted Materials:Flowtube: Borosilicate glass; Float: Brass/SS models: 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; Float stops: Brass/SS models: 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; End fittings: Brass/SS models: Brass or 316 SS; PTFE models: PTFE; O-rings: Brass/SS models: Fluoroelastomer; PTFE models: PTFE.
Temperature Limits:250°F (121°C). PTFE models: 150°F (65°C).
Pressure Limits:150 psig (10.34 bar) @ 200°F (93°C); PTFE models: 100 psig (6.7 bar).
Accuracy:±7% FS.
Repeatability:±0.25% FS.
Scale:Direct Reading 127 mm scales for air and water.
Turn-Down Ratio:10:1.
Connections:Two 3/8" female NPT.
Mounting:Vertical or panel mount.
Panel Cutout:Drill two 7/8" diameter holes 9.469" (240.5 mm) apart (for panel mount meters only).
Valve:6-turn needle (standard on models indicating "with valve").