Series I2-1 Immersion Temperature Probes

Immersion Temperature Probes
RTD & Thermistor Outputs, 304 SS Probes


RTD & Thermistor Outputs, 304 SS Probes

The SERIES I2-1 Immersion Temperature Probes are designed to monitor the hot and chilled water lines throughout a building’s water distribution loop. The multiple temperature sensor outputs allow these sensors to connect to virtually any digital building controller. The Series IW2 stainless steel thermowells allow the temperature sensors to be replaced without draining the water line. The temperature sensors are available in 4" and 6" insertion lengths.

Note: A Series IW2 Thermowell must be used on pressurized air and water lines to prevent leakage around the probe.

Product Applications

  • Hot or chilled water line monitoring
  • HVAC and building automation systems
Accuracy: Platinum RTD: ±0.6% @ 32°F (0°C); Nickel RTD: ±0.5°F @ 32°F (0°C); Balco RTD: ±0.1% @ 32°F (0°C); Thermistors: ±0.36°F from 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C).
Operating Temperature:-32 to 240°F (-35.5 to 115.5°C).
Probe Diameter:1/4" (6.3 mm).
Cable Length:6' (1.8 m).
Probe Material:304 SS.
Mounting:1/2" threaded connection to fit Series IW2 Thermowell.
  • Direct wall mounting
  • 6´cable
  • 1/2" internal NPT accepts conduit for more industrial installation