Series G9 Globe Flow Switch

Globe Flow Switch
Adjustable Set Point, Water or Oil Service, 90° Flow Path

Adjustable Set Point, Water or Oil Service, 90° Flow Path

The Series G9 Globe Flow Switch provides accurate flow detection in water and oil with ±1% repeatability. A shuttle bypass vane inside the housing is controlled externally using an ordinary flat blade screwdriver, allowing flow settings to be changed without disassembly. Each switch is constructed of noncorrosive materials and resists shock and vibration. The Series G9 is suitable for triggering alarms on interlocking shutdown circuitry when flow rate is incorrect and for protecting bearings, gears, and cooling systems.

Service: Compatible liquids.
Wetted Materials: Housing: bronze; Shuttle: Acetal; Spring: 316 SS; O-ring: Fluoroelastomer; Other: ceramic.
Temperature Limits: -20 to 180°F (-29 to 82°C).
Pressure Limits: 400 psi (27 bar) @ 100°F (37.8°C).
Accuracy: ±10% of set point.
Repeatability: ±1% maximum deviation.
Switch Type: SPDT.
Electrical Rating: .17 A @ 120 VAC, .08 A @ 240 VAC, .13 A @ 120 VDC, .06 A @ 240 VDC.
Electrical Connections: 18 AWG, 24" (61 cm), polymeric lead wires.
Process Connection: 3/4" female NPT.
Mounting Orientation: Any position. Set points shown are based on vertical, lead wires up position.
Required Filtration: 150 microns or better.
Weight: 1 lb, 11 oz (0.76 kg).
Agency Approval: CE.