Series F6 & F7 Level Switches - Horizontal/Specialty

Level Switches - Horizontal/Specialty Low Cost, Hermetically Sealed Contacts

Low Cost, Hermetically Sealed Contacts

The SERIES F6 & F7 Horizontal Float Level Switches are designed to mount through the walls of tanks and other vessels. Internally mounted models F6-HPS-11, F6-MHS and F7-SS6 are secured to the wall of the tank or vessel from the inside while model F6-HPS-21 is mounted from the outside (externally). Models F7-HSS and F6-MHS2 can be installed internally or externally.

The SERIES F6 & F7 Specialty Float Level Switches are designed for unique applications. Model F7-SS5B/BNC can be used with viscous liquids or liquids with suspended metal particles. Use model F7-LL for low level detection (≥ 5/8"). The non-intrusive bottle style F7-EB mounts completely outside the tank at the actuation level. Suspend model F7-WBB in stand pipes or sumps for leak detection or drop into wells for ground-water monitoring.

Product Applications

  • Water level monitoring
  • Oil level control
  • Chemical level indication
  • Sumps
  • Stand pipes
  • Tank level control
Series F6
Service: Compatible liquids.
Wetted Materials: See model table on catalog page.
Temperature Limit: F6-SS & F6-MHS: -4 to 257°F (-20 to 125°C). F6-HPS-11, 21, 31: 14 to 176°F (-10 to 80°C).
Pressure Limit: F6-SS & F6-MHS: 218 psi (15 bar). F6-HPS-11, 21, 31: 116 psi (8 bar).
Enclosure Rating: General purpose.
Switch Type: SPST Hermetically sealed reed switch, reversible for NO or NC.
Electrical Rating: 20 VA: 0.17 A @ 120 VAC, 0.08 A @ 240 VAC.
Electrical Connections: 22 AWG, 11.811" (300mm) long.
Process Connection: F6-SS: 1/8" NPT, HPS-21, 31: 1/2" NPT, F6-MHS, F6-HPS-11: M16*2.
Mounting Orientation: F6-SS: vertical ±20°, F6-MHS/HPS: horizontal with index arrow pointing up or down.
Specific Gravity: F6-SS: 0.65, F6-MHS: 0.85, F6-HPS-11, 21, 31: 0.6.
Weight: F6-HPS-11, 21: 1.23 oz (38 g), F6-MHS-31: 1.41 oz (40 g), F6-MHS: 3.35 oz (95 g), F6-SS: 1.59 oz (45 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.
Series F7
Electrical Rating (Maximum):F7-SB, -SS2 AC: 25 VA, 1.0A, 200 V DC: 10 W, 1.0 A, 200 V F7-PP, -BT, -HSS, -MHS AC: 25 VA, 1.0 A, 200 V DC: 10 W, 1.0 A, 200 V F7-HPS-1, -2 AC: 25 VA, 1.0 A, 200 V DC: 10 W, 1.0 A, 200 V (F7-HSS is rated explosion-proof for Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G; Class III).
Mounting Connection:1/8" NPTM (all vertical mount), 1/2" NPTM (F7-HPS-2, F7-HSS), M16 x 2 (F7-HPS-1), 1/2" x 13 thread (F7-MHS)
Wire Leads:22 AWG x 18" (46 cm), vertical mount models; 22 AWG x 39" (1 m), models F7-HPS-1, -2; 22 AWG x 24" (61 cm), models F7-HSS, -MHS.
Magnet:Alnico (F7-SB, -PP, -BT, -HPS), ceramic (F7-SS2, -HSS, -MHS).
Weight:2 oz. (58 g), F7-SB; 1.2 oz. (34g), F7-SS2; 0.8 oz. (23 g), F7- PP; 0.7 oz.. (20 g), F7-BT; 1.5 oz. (43 g), F7-HPS-1; 2 oz. (57 g), F7- HPS-2 and -MHS; 3 oz. (94 g), F7-HSS.
  • Hermetically sealed reed switches are actuated by magnets permanently bonded inside the float arm and can be easily adapted to open or close a circuit on rising or falling levels