Series DFS Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch

Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch
Manual and Auto Reset, DPDT Output

The SERIES DFS Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch protects cooling coils in air handler systems by preventing frost build up on the coils. By sensing the lowest temperature along any 1' section of capillary, the DPDT manual or automatic reset relays signal the building management system, as well as cut off the fan. Set points can be adjusted as low as 34°F (1° C) utilizing the visual set point indicator and set point screw. The Series DFS includes mounting clips for easy installation.

Product Applications

  • Cooling coil frost monitoring
  • HVAC systems
Wetted Material: Vapor-filled copper capillary, tin-plated, 10' or 20'.
Housing Material: Plated steel case, painted steel cover, plastic set point window.
Temperature Limit: > Operating: -60 to 160°F (-51 to 71°C); 
Sensing element: 300°F (149°C) max.
Switch Type: DPDT snap acting.
Electrical Ratings: > Inductive: 14 FLA, 84 LRA, 3/4 hp @ 120VAC; 12 FLA, 72 LRA, 2 hp @ 240 VAC. 
Pilot Duty: 720 VA max @ 120 to 600 VAC; 144 VA max @ 24 VAC.
Reset Action: Manual or automatic.
Adjustable Range: 34 to 70°F (1 to 21°C).
Deadband: 4.5°F (2.5°C), fixed.
Agency Approvals: cULus.
  • DPDT switch feedback
  • Setpoint as low as 34°F(1°C)
  • Mounting clips included