Series BTT Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter
Current or Voltage Output; NEMA 4X Enclosures

The SERIES BTT Temperature Transmitter offers transmitter output signals with the same form and fit as our popular TE thermistor and RTD sensors for building HVAC applications. It is also used to monitor the temperature inside the air ducts or water lines. Mounting configurations include duct, immersion, and outside air. For duct and immersion models, probes can be ordered from 2.5" up to 18" in length. The OSA models can be ordered with an optional radiation shield that allows the sensor to be mounted in direct sunlight.

Product Applications

  • Building automation system temperature monitoring
More Information
Model Chart
EXAMPLEBTTD251NISTSeries BTT-D25-1-NIST, Temperature Transmitter, Duct housing with 2.5” probe, current output and NIST Calibration
SERIESBTT    DP Manometer with AV & Flow

   Duct (TE Housing with Mounting Ears)
Immersion (TE Housing w/o Ears)
Outside Air (OSA Housing)
Outside Air with Radiation Shield
European Wall (Not Avail)
North American Wall (Not Avail)
Probe Length  00
   No External Probe (E or N Housings Only)
2.5” (N/A with E, N Housings)
4.0” (D, I Housings only)
6.0” (D, I Housings only)
8.0” (D, I Housings only)
12.0” (D, I Housings only)
18.0” (D Housing only)
Output   1
 Current @ -40 to 60 C (D, I, O, R Housings Only)
Voltage @ -40 to 60 C (D, I, O, R Housings Only)
Current @ 0 to 50 C (N, E Housings Only)
Voltage @ 0 to 50 C (N, E Housings Only)
Current @ 0 to 100 C (I Housing Only)
Voltage @ 0 to 100 C (I Housing Only)
Options    COC
Certificate of Calibration
Factory Calibration
NIST Certificate of Calibration
Temperature Sensor: Pt1000 RTD.
Range: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C).
Temperature Limits: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C).
Accuracy: Voltage: 0 to 60°C: ±0.5°C; -40 to 0: ±1.0°C; 
Current: -20 to 50°C: ±0.5°C; -40 to -20°C and 50 to 60°C: ±0.75°C.
Response Time: 100 ms.
Wetted Materials: All models: 304 SS (probe), polycarbonate (housing); Duct and immersion models: Neoprene (gasket); Outside air models: Nylon (insert), silicone (O-ring).
Process Connection: 1/2" NPT (immersion models only).
Electrical Connection: Removable terminal block, knocks out for conduit fitting.
Conduit Connection: 1/2" NPT.
Probe Lengths: 2.5 to 18" (depending on configuration).
Power Requirements: 13 to 36 VDC.
Output Signal: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC (depending on model).
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66) (immersions models require thermowell).
Weight: 5.11 oz, 145 g (duct/immersion); 8.4 oz (238 g) (OSA without radiation shield);
1 lb 7.4 oz (663.4 g) (OSA with radiation shield).
Agency Approvals: CE.
  • Duct, immersion, and outside air models available
  • Radiation shield available for mounting in direct sunlight
  • Transmitter output allows for longer wire runs than standard thermistor sensors