Series 673 Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter
±0.25% Full Span Accuracy, 4-20 mA Signal, Ranges to 1000 psi

±0.25% Full Span Accuracy, 4-20 mA Signal, Ranges to 1000 psi

The low cost SERIES 673 Pressure Transmitter is a fixed range transmitter designed for harsh environments and suitable for high shock and vibration applications. Constructed of stainless steel, the Series 673 provides a 4 to 20 mA output signal with 0.25% accuracy. Use the Series 673 in industrial OEM equipment, hydraulic systems, HVAC equipment, industrial engines and compressor control.

Product Applications

  • OEM
  • Hydraulic systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial engines
  • Compressors
Service: Non-combustible liquid, gas, or vapor.
Wetted Materials: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel.
Accuracy: RSS* (at constant temperature) ±0.25%. Non-linearity (BSFL) ±0.22% FS; Hysteresis 0.10% FS; Non-repeatability 0.05% FS.
Temperature Limits: -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C).
Compensated Temperature Range: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C).
Pressure Limits: 2X max range.
Thermal Effects: Zero Shift: ±2.0% FS/100°F (±1.8% FS/50°C); Span Shift: ±1.5% FS/100°F (±1.3% FS/50°C); Warm-up Shift: ±0.1% FS total.
Stability: 0.5% FS/year.
Response Time: 5 ms.
Power Requirements: 9-30 VDC.
Output: 4-20 mA**, 2-wire.
Zero and Span Adjustment: Fixed.
Loop Resistance: 0 to 800 Ω.
Shock: 200 g.
Vibration: 20 g.
Electrical Connections: 2 ft (61 cm) multiconductor cable. Conduit Models: 1/4"-18 (22.3 mm) knockout.
Enclosure: Stainless Steel and Valox.
Weight: 2.3 oz (65 g).
Agency Approvals: CE.


*RSS of non-linearity, hysteresis, and non-repeatability.
**Zero output factory set to within ±0.16 mA; Span (full scale) output factory set to within ±0.16 mA.
  • High-shock and vibration resistant insures stability in controlling pressure for process applications