Power Meter Calibration Services

Is your power meter reading correctly? A calibration service conducted by the technicians at HK Calibration Technologies Pty Ltd (HKCT) can verify your power meter’s functionality and accuracy.

Our certified calibration will verify if it’s defective and chewing your money 24/7. Your electricity power provider may owe you many thousands in over charges for so many years. Who knows until you check your power meter.

Our specialist engineers are trained and equipped with state of the art precision power consumption analysers to perform an analysis of your meter and ultimately provide you answers to the quality of your power meter’s functionality and accuracy.

What’s more this service can be offered no matter where you are in Australia or the Pacific Rim.

You will receive an in-depth calibration report from us that will satisfy the requirements of the following Australian Standards:

  • AS 1024-1971, Direct recording electrical measuring instruments and their accessories
  • AS 1042-1973, Direct-acting indicating electrical measuring instruments and their accessories
  • AS/NZS ISO 10012:2004, Metrological confirmation system for measurement equipment
  • AS 61204.1-2003, Low-voltage power supply devices, d.c. output – Performance characteristics
  • AS/NZS 61558.1:2000, Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar - General requirements and tests Metrological confirmation system for measurement equipment
  • AS62053-22.2005, Electricity metering equipment(AC)
The Specialists

HKCT is a leading specialist calibration services company with laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Gladstone. We strictly follow internationally recognised SAI global accreditations which mean that our clients have full compliance to their industry’s standards.

Among our services we offer:

  • Pressure gauge calibration
  • Thermometer calibration
  • Gas monitor calibration
  • Flow meter calibration
  • Light meter calibration

HKCT staff consists of highly qualified technicians who have backgrounds in various engineering disciplines. Armed with this skill base, HKCT can provide quality calibration and repair services for all types of testing and measurement instruments, no matter what industry you are in.

To find out more about HKCT’s services phone 1300309881 or enquire online.