Instrument Technician : Calibration Specialist : North Parramatta NSW

HK Calibration Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Instrument Technician : Calibration Specialist : North Parramatta NSW

You need to be adequately experienced and qualified to undertake the calibration of precision test & measurement instruments both in our laboratory and at our customer sites.

Your experience in the calibration of different types of precision calibrating instruments like Druck Pressure calibrator, Druck MCX Multifunction Field calibrator, 4-20mA portable source and measuring ,Temperature calibrator(temp bath),Frequency simulator(Krohne) for Magnetic flow meter and HART and BRAIN field communicator for configuration and validation and functionality of instruments both in-house and out in the field.

Dry loop checking similar to continuity test and wet loop 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire with stimulation 4 to 20 mA tests in field work.

Testing calibration, installing, maintenance, overhauling, trouble shooting and fault finding of different types of electronics, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic analog and digital Field instruments in project and commissioning of process plant with different applications like pressure, flow, temperature , level, analytical instruments inclusive of fire & safety devices.

Calibration of pressure instruments similar to pressure gauges, switches, I to P and P to I convertor, transducers, transmitters like flange mounted, remote seal capillary type, diff. Pressure instruments.

Calibration of vacuum transmitter (Emerson, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Wika etc.) and also PRV, pressure relief valve, air pressure regulators both in-house and on-site.

Flow meter calibration of various instruments similar to rotameters, flow switches, transmitter (magnetic, vortex, differential pressure for flow.). Calibration of orifices and performance of calculations to establish flow rates of gas pipe works.

Calibration of temperature instruments Temp gauge, switches, RTD Pt (2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire.) Thermocouple K, J type, temp indicator, transmitter, thermostat. Installation techniques involving l thermo wells in process plants.

Calibration, test & measuring different types of level gauges, level switches (float type, capacitance etc.). level transmitter (remote seal type, ultrasonic, etc.)

Testing, calibration and maintenance of weighing instruments like load cells, indicator repairing of weighing mother board, load cell replacement and repair.

Calibration of analytical instruments like pH meters, Redox meters, conductivity meters and the process of replacing pH probes and the testing of different types of Gas detectors.

Technician's Computer Skills:

Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power point, Internet browsing skills.

Calibration of electrical testing instruments like Digital Multimeters, insulation testers, Meggers, clamp meters, CROs, RCD testers and have a good understanding of electrical principles and applications.

Internet skill and the ability to learn new software applications similar to TSM & Fluke Metcal will be a distinct advantage.

You need to have a clean drivers licence.

(TSM) (The Service Manager) that manages the companies services, accounts and statistical reporting, calibration report preparation along with the data basing of relevant information.

You will work in a team environment with the opportunity to progress to a challenging position as the company is experiencing growth Australia wide and about to expand its operations to further cities in Australia and New Zealand.

If you consider yourself to be adequately qualified to take up this challenging position in a small but progressive company on a full time permanent basis, then please send us your current CV to be considered for an interview to